Wonder where your marketing budget goes? These ten digital marketing KPIs help you run more effective campaigns and oversee your budget and marketing activities.
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When setting and tracking marketing KPIs, you may be tempted to give all your attention to sales revenue, leads, and customer acquisition cost. While these marketing KPIs are very important, there are several other marketing KPIs you should track to identify which campaigns and tactics have the greatest impact.


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We arranged to meet halfway between our houses in the city park and walk together for a while. It’s pretty quiet today. After all, it is late morning on a workday. Something about the angle of the sun in the clear still sky tells me change is coming. Feels like…

Alt: colour macro photograph of a sparkler burning bright against a dark background. Image credit: Jez Timms | Unsplash
Image credit: Jez Timms | Unsplash

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You have a spark

it quickly fades

You try to pick it up

to cradle it

Yet it burns so bright

it quickly fades as you embrace

You must release your spark

for if you…

Short white furred cat with pink nose lying on bed sleeping photo
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I’ve often considered

that cats

are little Buddhas

cloaked in fur.

A posit somewhat odd, perhaps

so let me break it down for you.

A monk spends their life

pursuing Nirvana

treading the metacosm

between the ephemeral

Image credit: Jamie Hagan | Unsplash.

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Looking out the insulated glass window

onto the world below

like peering through water

struggling in poor visibility

Matter hanging

suspended in air

still unwavering

with no sign of an apparent tide, ebb or flow.

To wash

Image credit: Gabriel Benois | Unsplash.

When lockdown struck back in March, my booked face-to-face networking events gradually cancelled one after the other. I work out of dedicated desk space in a local office community. …

Colour photograph of a woman holding her smartphone up to a payment terminal.
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Digital assets and cryptocurrencies have moved on from a once counterculture movement that was largely in response to the financial crisis of 2008 to become a central component of the financial services industry. …

Factory line assembly worker wearing PPE black latex gloves and face mask
Production lines continue with protective measure in place to keep pushing the transition to green mobility. Image credit: Kumpan electric | Unsplash.

2020 has seen change across the board. First oil prices tumbled and then the transportation industry ground to a halt as demand for virtual working solutions soared. Delays in the rollout of the latest tech and communications solutions compounded this change.

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